Friday, September 2, 2016


I have not been a very good rider and owner the past few weeks. Its my fualt and not my horse. I had to go to a hematologist on 9/1/16 for some blood test. I am not going to much detail about it, but is just another fence that I have to jump and tackle. This one is not going to be easy. For what I have my immune system is to good that its eating both the good and the bad. What that means for me is that if I ever fall off my horse its a run to the ER. Which I hope never happens. I am not going any deeper than that.

   I went and saw Cash a bit on Aug 31,16 after school. The Dr. told me I was not aloud to ride at all. So I just went gave him an apple groomed and did his stretches. I thought I was going to cry because i thought that if this medical issues continued I would never be able to ride again. I would not be able to do the thing I love so much with my horse. My riding, my dream, my training, the people I know, it all would just be crushed. It all depend on how 9/1/16 would go. It was just so heart broken to hear this after school on Tuesday of this week. I have never cried just on pure feeling, but a girl and her horse is nothing to joke about. I felt how strongly I wanted to keep on with the horse world. Its my drive to really live and enjoy my life to its fullest. When my mom told me the not so good news....tears just ran down my face as if a dam gate had broke. I was mortified. I could not believe that what ever was happening was going to end my life that I deeply enjoy.

  After today's Dr visit and everything good news final came our way. I was given the ok to ride and do the sport I love. I was happy and I am glad that God had heard my prayers. I tell you a strong soul and drive to something you love can change everything.

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