Friday, September 2, 2016


I have not been a very good rider and owner the past few weeks. Its my fualt and not my horse. I had to go to a hematologist on 9/1/16 for some blood test. I am not going to much detail about it, but is just another fence that I have to jump and tackle. This one is not going to be easy. For what I have my immune system is to good that its eating both the good and the bad. What that means for me is that if I ever fall off my horse its a run to the ER. Which I hope never happens. I am not going any deeper than that.

   I went and saw Cash a bit on Aug 31,16 after school. The Dr. told me I was not aloud to ride at all. So I just went gave him an apple groomed and did his stretches. I thought I was going to cry because i thought that if this medical issues continued I would never be able to ride again. I would not be able to do the thing I love so much with my horse. My riding, my dream, my training, the people I know, it all would just be crushed. It all depend on how 9/1/16 would go. It was just so heart broken to hear this after school on Tuesday of this week. I have never cried just on pure feeling, but a girl and her horse is nothing to joke about. I felt how strongly I wanted to keep on with the horse world. Its my drive to really live and enjoy my life to its fullest. When my mom told me the not so good news....tears just ran down my face as if a dam gate had broke. I was mortified. I could not believe that what ever was happening was going to end my life that I deeply enjoy.

  After today's Dr visit and everything good news final came our way. I was given the ok to ride and do the sport I love. I was happy and I am glad that God had heard my prayers. I tell you a strong soul and drive to something you love can change everything.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jumping 2 foot 6 inches after the clinic.

August 16 ,2016

     This was on Tuesday making this post 3 day late. It was after school and 30 min after I got off the bus. I had asked my grandma if she would go to the farm so I could ride. Everyone had already left the farm for the day so we got the whole farm to our selves. Which sometimes is nice. We got there around 6 pm central time which the sun was going down very slowly. I got Cash out of his pasture area and took him to the cross ties where i began to clean him up and take his plaid fly sheet off of him. making sure he ha now scrapes or new things that would make me concern. I continued with the normal things I do before I ride. Curry, soft brush, pick hooves, brush tail, and mane, do his stretches, then tack up. He has to stretch out like any good athlete should and do.

Tip:: before doing stretches its a good Idea to get your horse checked out by a chiropractor or your vet. Horses have to stretch and loosen up the tight muscles. its a god Idea to do this so that they don't pull a mussel and hurt them selves. 

I had to go to the arena to let him walk out a bit and so that I could get on. Just let him go once around the ring on a loose reins. After my grandma set up one jump I walked out to the field I was aloud to jump in. After I took him through his gates I asked her to set it up as a low cross rail. its never a good idea to just go out and jump any thing over a foot with out a few warm up jumps. Horses could really get hurt by doing that. I did about 4 cross rail jumps. He did try to get out of it but I stayed cool and calm. When he jumped over them I grabbed mane and went into my to point a bit early so that I can have my balance.  After the warm up jumps I asked grandma to go ahead and raise it. (never thought of my self saying that before but it felt nice. other than say no I'm fine. rather jump cross railes.) 

    Cash was all for just walking to the 2'6" single rail jump. No refusals, all forward and over. After jumping that height twice he started to get cocky and jump side ways throwing me off balance. I am just have to get stronger. I was super happy and my nerves were calm. To finish our ride we did a cross rail. He was a butt head at this. He tried to just go around it. when he stopped I patted him like Elisa Wallace had told me to do. When it comes to jumping you have to be kind and rewarding.  Was Supper happy and ready to do it again!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Elisa Wallace clinic day 2

August 14, 2016

       This is 4 days late but any way here we go. I Love Elisa Wallace and her horse Simply priceless. They are a great pair for each other. Elisa had held a 2 day clinic. I could only go the one day. As seeing as I have lost all my confidence I thought this was a good idea. Just to see if she had any other way to train my horse. A better way that cropping the crap out of him if he did not jump. He was already fearful of the jumps and he just seamed not to want to do it or expected it. I cleaned him the night before so he did not look like a dirty horse. He looked really nice. Like Show ready nice. We packed up about an hour early as my class way about 4 pm central time. We ended up packing and loaded him up about 10:30 am. So , yeah as you guessed it we arrived many hours early. Of course we got lost on the way. Good thing for extra time and not having to rush. :) Once we arrived (about a 2 hour drive to the farm) at Old Mill farms (North Atlantic Equestrian center) Cash was very much wanted out of the trailer. Once out we let him chill a bit. He would eat, then trot a bit, then eat. We did that about a good hour or so. Once he calmed down a bit we let him graze under a nice big tree with lots of shade. As it was very hot. After a few min. of that I ties him t the horse trailer and tacked him up. We rode around their warm up area which was just very fine dirt. There was a trail obstacle course out as well. At the begging of the ride we both were very tense. After I took Cash through his paces I let him walk out some he and I were both better. both calm and chilled. I then proceeded to ride him around the horse barn and around the trailers. He has never spooked at a sudden car or truck turning on or a honk. After a few min of walking around I took him back into the fenced of area that had the trail challenge area. He was not very happy to go to a few things. Made him at least get up on a bank like in cross country. Went through a few noodles or around them. He really did not like that. :P With it being so hot and he wanted water very quickly after i got off.

Tip:: When it is very hot have fresh water or fill their bucket after they drink. it might so happens that your horse may want to chug down fresh water or might want more. make sure you have plenty of water for your self as well.

We waited about 2 more hours till I tacked him back up again. When it was time I put his new open front boots and his bell boots on as well since i did not want him hurting his legs or taking a shoe off. There were 3 other girls riding in the group with me. which was good because then I can see what they are doing versus what am I doing. I was just overall excited to be there and to be with my all time favorite grand prix rider. It was a huge honer to be at the clinic. So as warm up started all the other girls and their horses are smaller than cash. He was the tallest once in the group. got to love being tall. hahah As we start Cash already wants to go speed away to the other horses. As he likes to think of it as a race. As I ask him to chill and talk to him he throws a kick out and bucks a little. All due to i me not wanting to go his pace. As he tosses his head around i made sure to stay away from the others. Many things were going through my mind. How to calm him down, keep your balance when he bunny hops, hope Elisa won't kick me out of the clinic due to his issue, oh calm your self down. I was a bit frantic as it all happened. Once we got through our paces about 10 min for all walk, trot, and canter. Elisa pointed to a cross rail. She told us out order that we will jump in. She asked me if I wanted to go first or last. I told her can I go in the middle. She said sure as the others giggle. The girls were really nice. They talked to me and they loved my horse. Very friendly girls. So as the 2 girls went it was my turn. Elisa said to just trot up to the jump and grab mane if needed. So i go to the jump at a trot, and cash is good then stops and swings his head. Refusing to jump Elisa placed once rail of the cross down. After a little fight to get him moving Elisa walked over and lead the way over the jump. The other girls took their turn and it was my turn again to go. So I go. Very same thing happened. He stops at the last stride to the jump. Elisa told me to come to her and dismount. So I did. She wanted me to giver her a leg up. She was very light. I was like darn..,she weighs nothing! She got on him and at every jump she did not lover or anything most were 2 foot or up to 2 foot 6 in. Elisa was very rewarding to him after she made the jump. If he tried to go faster than she wanted she made him do it over again. She had cash figured out with in 3 jumps. He jumped oxers to singles, as well stares to a rainbow jump. It was no longer about the color. Once Elisa was finished riding him (after 5 min) she gave me a leg up back on him. She told me that this was not my horse and this was my new quoter horse. I found it a amusing yet help full. She told me that he was fine till the very last stride then he gets afraid, or cautions. She made me jump the cross rail. But in a cool yet a WEIRED way. She told me to trot up to the jump but at a few strides away to walk up to the jump. We walked to hit i grabbed mane and the next thing I knew he had jumped it. Then she raised it about 2 foot or so and we took our turns jumping that. After i jumped that Elisa told me to go done to the blue single plank jump. As I approached it i remember what she said and I did it. As he walked up to it my nerves started get very high and going crazy. I did not think much on it but he took a stride of canter and we made it over the jump. I was super happy. The rest of the day went like that.  Made sure he had plenty of time to cool down as well bring his heart rate down. I was super proud of my boy and my self. Who knew I could get over something I feared in less that a min. :)

Tip:: if you find your self nervous or just plain scared. For your nerves it's all about the experience and that is just your brain telling you don't do it its to much. It's a thing i call a dream stopper. It has held my jumping to what I need it to be today or a year ago. You just have to tell your self you can do it and you will.