Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jumping 2 foot 6 inches after the clinic.

August 16 ,2016

     This was on Tuesday making this post 3 day late. It was after school and 30 min after I got off the bus. I had asked my grandma if she would go to the farm so I could ride. Everyone had already left the farm for the day so we got the whole farm to our selves. Which sometimes is nice. We got there around 6 pm central time which the sun was going down very slowly. I got Cash out of his pasture area and took him to the cross ties where i began to clean him up and take his plaid fly sheet off of him. making sure he ha now scrapes or new things that would make me concern. I continued with the normal things I do before I ride. Curry, soft brush, pick hooves, brush tail, and mane, do his stretches, then tack up. He has to stretch out like any good athlete should and do.

Tip:: before doing stretches its a good Idea to get your horse checked out by a chiropractor or your vet. Horses have to stretch and loosen up the tight muscles. its a god Idea to do this so that they don't pull a mussel and hurt them selves. 

I had to go to the arena to let him walk out a bit and so that I could get on. Just let him go once around the ring on a loose reins. After my grandma set up one jump I walked out to the field I was aloud to jump in. After I took him through his gates I asked her to set it up as a low cross rail. its never a good idea to just go out and jump any thing over a foot with out a few warm up jumps. Horses could really get hurt by doing that. I did about 4 cross rail jumps. He did try to get out of it but I stayed cool and calm. When he jumped over them I grabbed mane and went into my to point a bit early so that I can have my balance.  After the warm up jumps I asked grandma to go ahead and raise it. (never thought of my self saying that before but it felt nice. other than say no I'm fine. rather jump cross railes.) 

    Cash was all for just walking to the 2'6" single rail jump. No refusals, all forward and over. After jumping that height twice he started to get cocky and jump side ways throwing me off balance. I am just have to get stronger. I was super happy and my nerves were calm. To finish our ride we did a cross rail. He was a butt head at this. He tried to just go around it. when he stopped I patted him like Elisa Wallace had told me to do. When it comes to jumping you have to be kind and rewarding.  Was Supper happy and ready to do it again!

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